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Feb. 11, 2015
Dear Friends of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy,

       We're writing to urge you to attend this critical Greece solidarity event, which CPD is co-sponsoring:

      Wednesday, February 11 at 6 p.m.
666 Third Avenue (between 42nd and 43rd St.)

Akny Aristeri Kinisi NY's photo.

Please visit the event Facebook page to let us know if you are coming:
NYC Feb 11: Stand With The People Of Greece #GreeceSolidarity #mazi

Let's Join the Popular Mobilization in Cities Across Greece and Europe 
as European Union Ministers Meet in Brussels on the Greek Debt Question

On February 11th, hundreds of thousands will gather in cities across Greece and Europe to demand an end to the EU austerity policy that for years has subjected millions of people to a humanitarian crisis. Following the election of the radical left in January, the new Greek government is set to challenge EU policy at the finance ministers' meeting in Brussels. A strong popular mobilization can make a difference! Demand an End to Austerity Policies!

We call on our friends in New York to show solidarity with the people of Greece and Europe. We invite all allies and all media in all languages. Greece Solidarity ad hoc committee (list of endorsers in formation includes: AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement, SYRIZA NY, ANTARSYA NY, Campaign for Peace and Democracy, Socialist Alternative NY, Occupy Astoria-Long Island City, MENA Solidarity Network US, International Socialist Organization)  

* * * * * * *
      Later this week we'll send you a report on last Friday's amazing public meeting "After the Greek Elections: The Future of Austerity in Greece, Europe and Beyond," (The entire evening was livestreamed and videotaped. To see the tapes, go to for Part 1 and  for Part 2--(note: There is a small overlap of the two tapes).