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Saturday, March 22nd, 2014, 1-3 pm
Greek Consulate, 69 East 79th Street, Manhattan

On March 22nd we protest with thousands of people around the world in Greece, Britain, France, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Cyprus, Australia and elsewhere, against the rise of fascism and racism, state authoritarianism and police violence. The initiative was launched in Greece, where the neo-fascist threat posed by Golden Dawn is well known. Please join us!

NYC poster

NYC PROTEST CO-SPONSORS: AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement, SYRIZA NY, ANT.AR.SY.A US, Campaign for Peace and Democracy, International Socialist Organization, Freedom Socialist Party, Radical Women, Balkan Queer Initiative, GEZIniyoruz NYC.

Striking posters from Greece and several other countries for the March 22nd event are below.

USEFUL BACKGROUND: On March 12, the Campaign for Peace and Democracy co-sponsored a forum "Is Fascism Returning to Europe?" It was an excellent meeting, with informative and stimulating presentations by Benedetta Argentieri, Eylem Delikanli, James Robertson, Costas Panayotakis, Jonah Birch, and Matt Dobson, followed by lively discussion from the floor. Panelists spoke about Greece, France, Russia, Scotland, Turkey, and Ukraine; the event was chaired and introduced by Iannis Delatolas. Check out the video here.

International Posters for the upcoming
Saturday, March 22nd Day of Action

Amsterdam poster London poster
Barcelona poster
Paris poster Brussels poster