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Open Letter to Russian Judge

June 6, 2013

Below is CPD's Open Letter to Russian judge Natalya Nikishina calling for a fair trial and acquittal of the 12 defendants in first major political trial of  protesters against Putin government's political repression. Please email your own letter to

Judge Natalya Nikishina
Zamosvoretsky district Court
115184, Moscow, ul. ôatarskaya, 1

          As people concerned about democracy and human rights everywhere, including in our own country, we are writing about the 12 defendants in the Bolotnaya square mass riots case. It is well known that the alleged “mass riots” for which they are being tried never took place. This is the first major political trial against protesters against Vladimir Putin's government. We ask you to conduct a fair trial and acquit the falsely accused, and to begin to reverse the ominous trend toward greater and greater repression of Russian society.


Joanne Landy
Co-Director Campaign for Peace and Democracy New York City