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Join your local 11/17/2011 protest: "We're Not Going Away!"

Photo: NY Metro Chapter, Physicians for a National Health Program

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November 16, 2011

Dear Friend of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy,

Thursday, November 17th is the worldwide Occupy Day of Action, and we urge you to join in your local protest. To see what's happening near you, go to, or check Facebook by typing "occupy" and the desired city.

When the occupiers cry out against mounting inequality, against joblessness and insecurity, against obscene levels of student debt, against anti-labor employers, against police brutality, against foreclosures, evictions, and the lack of healthcare, they are protesting the same corporate elites and the politicians beholden to them who insist that the United States be the Number One military power in the world. The Campaign for Peace and Democracy supports the occupation movement both because we endorse its domestic goals, and because we believe that the only way we will achieve a new, democratic and peaceful U.S. foreign policy is to successfully challenge these elites at home.

From New York to Berkeley, and across the world, occupiers have been under attack -- but in a remarkable show of resistance and resilience, people are saying "We're not going away!" Tomorrow, November 17, is an international day of protest to underscore our defiance. Please be there if you can.

In peace and solidarity,

Joanne                    Tom

Joanne Landy and Thomas Harrison
Campaign for Peace and Democracy
New York, NY, USA