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Update on Greece (from the UK)


Thanks to our friends in Great Britain at the Greece Solidarity Campaign for this update on developments in Greece. To follow the GSC's news and announcements, check out their Facebook page.
EuroCooking the books (again) - the truth behind 'recovery'
The Greek Government and the Euro Commission use dodgy accounting to hide the dire state of Greece’s public finances. In truth the economy has shrunk by 23% and national debt stands at 170% GDP. See reports in the Guardian and the Wall Street Journal 
boot on GreeceAusterity Europe - their vision for Greece 
The European Commission are planning further cuts in public spending in Greece of €7.7 billion in the next 4 years. Read more.
A plan called Greece 2021 submitted by Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras to the Euro Working Group in Brussels promises more privatisation and cuts in tax for big corporations. Read more 
Not for SaleThe Greek people choose the alternative 
Radical anti-austerity party Syriza is ahead in most the major latest polls in Greece for the local and European elections next month. 
Manolis Glezos will be amongst Sryiza's Euro candidates. The GSC was set up following an open letter calling for international solidarity with the Greek people by Glezos and Theodorakis in 2012
anti-racist marchAnti racists on the march
Last month, thousands of trade unionists, migrant workers and anti-austerity protesters took to the streets of Athens to march against racism and fascism. See video report
One week later Greek PM faced calls to resign after his top adviser was caught on film apologizing to Golden Dawn for the public inquiry into the fascist party. Read more
greeceNational strike action in Greece 
Last month Greece's state and private sector unions took part in a national strike against austerity as part of a build up of public opposition. See video report
Just ahead of the strike, Unite and the GSC hosted a visit by health union organiser, Vivi Paschali 
women in GreeceFrom Skouries to Athens, the struggle of
Greek women against austerity
Women in Greece are hit disproportionately by austerity, experience a rise in violence in the home and from the state and lead the battle to resist
police beating demonstratorsA law unto themselves - shocking new report into Greek police 
New research by Amnesty catalogues the culture of racism, violence and systematic human rights abuses by the Greek police, and highlights the lack of political will by pro austerity politicians to do anything about it.
The Amnesty report follows the investigation into the police links with Golden Dawn. 
children in povertyGreek child poverty grows with the crisis of 3 mill uninsured say global charities
A new Unicef report show over a third of all children in Greece are now at risk of poverty. Doctors of the World say rising unemployment means 3 million people have no access to the health care system. See Medical Aid to Greece 
marchersHow to build an anti austerity movement! 
There have been over 20 thousand organised public protests on the streets of Greece since pro austerity politicians signed the first memoranda with the Troika in 2010. There have been an average of 4.5 protests in the capital each day. The figures were released by the Greek government. Read more