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No More Blank Check for Israel!
Statement on the Crisis in Gaza

A group of New Jersey peace activists prepared an ad to appear in the Montclair Times, and we found ourselves in broad agreement with its content. We have modified the ad for use as a Campaign for Peace and Democracy sign-on statement.

If you have difficulty signing on, please send an email with your name to:

Statement on the Crisis in Gaza

In its massive military attacks on Gaza, Israel has again engaged in actions contrary to morality, international law, the cause of peace, and to the long-term best interests of the people of Israel. And, once again, the United States government has been the enabler of Israeli actions:

  • The bombers that unleashed death and destruction on Gaza were U.S.-supplied F-16s.
  • The attack helicopters were U.S.-supplied Apaches.
  • The government that blocked international demands for an immediate cease-fire was Washington.
  • And the source of more than $3 billion a year in tax-payer funded military aid to Israel has been the United States.

No country should have to face rockets fired at its citizens, and we condemn Hamas's launching of rockets into Israeli civilian areas. But the solution is not raining bombs and missiles down on one of the most densely populated sites in the world, making massive civilian casualties inevitable, and which, apart from its immorality, guarantees only another generation of hatred towards Israel.

The solution -- as the Israeli peace movement, human rights groups, and the United Nations have urged -- is to lift the economic blockade imposed on Gaza and end the Occupation.

This blockade holds one and a half million Palestinian civilians hostage, and creates a horrendous humanitarian crisis. Malnutrition is rife, people have died from being denied the right to travel for medical care, and electricity and clean water are scarce. Meanwhile the 40-year Occupation not only continues, but is also strengthened by increased settlements.

We condemn the policies of our government that support the ongoing oppression and murder of the Palestinian people.

We urge the incoming Obama administration to refuse to give Israel the U.S. blank check it has long enjoyed.

And we call on everyone to join in telling the President and Congress that we want an immediate end to U.S. military aid to Israel. We do not want our tax dollars or the leaders who speak in our names to continue supporting the attacks on the Palestinian people.