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June 2010

Dear Friend of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy,

CPD has been extremely busy during the past few months.  Thanks to your generous support, we have been able to continue our work for a new, democratic, just and peaceful U.S. foreign policy – and above all, our protests against the escalating U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan. With your help, our anti-war campaign has even reached Pakistan and Afghanistan themselves.

But to keep up our campaigning, CPD depends completely on your individual contributions – we receive no foundation or government grants. That’s why we are asking you now to please consider making a tax-deductible gift to the Campaign for Peace and Democracy. Every day’s news stories make it more evident – and urgent – that U.S. foreign policy must be turned around if we and the rest of the world are to avoid disaster.

Here is a list of CPD’s latest actions. Taken together, these initiatives embody our view that the way to build an alternative to war and oppression is to promote solidarity among movements for peace, human rights and social justice across national boundaries.

  • Our declaration to President Barack Obama entitled “We Call for the United States to End Its Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan!” published in ads in The Nation¸ The New York Review of Books, and elsewhere in the U.S. was signed by 1798 individuals. To see the statement and list of signers, go to
  • On Jan. 8, 2010, an edited version of our anti-war declaration was published as an ad in the widely-read Pakistani newspaper The News. In March a well-designed CPD anti-war poster was printed and posted throughout Pakistan. Both the ad and the poster are on the CPD website at . As we reported to you earlier, our declaration has also been publicized in Afghanistan, where it was translated into Farsi and posted on a major Afghan website.
  • In January we co-sponsored a protest at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia against U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • We are approaching the first anniversary of the great democratic uprising in Iran, and for the past year CPD has continued to voice support for the courageous Iranian people in their struggle. In January we sent an open letter to President Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Khamenei protesting the horrific repression taking place in Iran and have signed on to numerous additional protests against the ongoing repression.
  • In the aftermath of the horrific earthquake in Haiti, we worked to provide support for the Haitian people and called for an end to the unconscionable U.S. practice of turning back food, water, and medical assistance.
  • In March we organized a panel at the Left Forum in New York City: "Of Drones, Warlords and the Taliban: Ending U.S./NATO Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan," with Derrick O'Keefe from the Canadian Peace Alliance and Adaner Usmani of the Labour Party of Pakistan.
  • In April CPD released an Open Letter of Solidarity with Egyptian Workers who have been protesting against terrible wages and working conditions and lack of political freedom. We sent the letter to Egyptian trade unionists, and it was published by the Egyptian labor news service.
  • We have continued our campaign against U.S. military attacks and economic sanctions on Iran. To deepen public understanding of the illegitimacy and catastrophic consequences of sanctions, we co-sponsored a May forum “Sanctioning Iran?” featuring Joy Gordon, Trita Parsi and Roane Carey. The other forum sponsors were Where’s My Vote-NY, The Nation, and NYU’s Kevorkian Center.
  • CPD opposed the cruel and illegal blockade of Gaza with our January 2009 statement that called for an end to military aid to Israel, and we supported protests against Israel’s murderous May 31st attack on the aid flotilla to Gaza.

We’ve greatly increased CPD’s visibility with an updated web page, the launch of a CPD Facebook group (check us out!) and a major makeover of our Wikipedia entry. All these tools will be indispensable for our upcoming and ongoing campaigns.

To repeat, the Campaign depends on your contributions, so please give as generously as you can. To donate through PayPal on line, visit our website at .You can also mail us your check made out to Campaign for Peace and Democracy. To make a credit card contribution send us a note by snail mail through the postal service with the amount, your credit card number, expiration date, and the name as it appears on the card. Please indicate if this is a one-time gift or a contribution that recurs monthly. All donations from foreign countries must be made by U.S. money orders or checks payable in U.S. currency drawn on U.S. banks. Our address is:

Note: New Address
Campaign for Peace and Democracy
2808 Broadway, #12
New York, NY 10025

Remember that donations are tax-deductible. Please let us know if you would like us to send you a self-addressed reply envelope for your donation.Thank you very much in advance for your support. We could not survive without your help.

In peace and solidarity,
Joanne Landy and Thomas Harrison
Co-Directors, Campaign for Peace and Democracy
New York City
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